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Stanford Nursing Program: 7 Facts

stanford nursing program application helpIf you’ve considered becoming a nurse, you’re probably aware that following this noble career path now requires that you have a college education. It’s hardly surprising as it’ll be your duty to maintain and improve patients’ health in the direst of circumstances. If you want to be the best of the bests, it’s worth your while having a think about applying to the Stanford nursing program and writing a proper personal statement for nursing school. Here are 7 facts that will help you understand everything you need to know about this prestigious course.

Studying Nursing Fields at College

When it comes to nursing, there’s far more career choice that you might realize. You don’t have to be a general medical nurse if you don’t want to, and in fact you could end up working in a number of different nursing fields with the right education and training.

Stanford healthcare careers training is among the best in the world and if you have the drive and passion to learn, there’s no better place to study to become a registered nurse (RN). Whether you want to work as a midwife on the maternity ward or you want to labor at the coalface that is general medicine, Stanford has you covered. Whatever you want focus on, they have a module or even a whole program tailored to such needs.

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About Stanford University

Before we consider our 7 specific aspects of Stanford nursing education, it would be wise to talk about the university itself so you can see if it fits your individual needs. Found in Stanford, California, this institution is one of the finest on the West Coast and is well-known around the world for its academic prowess. It has an endowment of over 22 billion dollars so you can be sure that Stanford nurses are never short of practice equipment, the latest textbooks and access to the best professors in the field.

The average undergraduate tuition costs around $47,000 which is a rather hefty sum. Fortunately, there are many ways to obtain a scholarship to lessen the burden. They also have a financial aid office with which you can discuss all the various options to make sure you can afford to attend.

Fact 1: About the most popular residency program

If you’ve already completed your BSN or MSN, you should consider the highly popular RN residency program for new graduates. It comprises comprehensive training modules that cover everything you need to know for general adult nursing. However, it’s worth noting that it does not cover pediatrics or maternity care, choosing to focus solely on adult care. As such, if you want to become the best adult nurse you can be, this is the course for you.

Fact 2: The entry requirements are strict

There’s no way to avoid this unfortunate fact so let’s get it out of the way nice and early. Stanford nurses are among the best in the world so it makes sense that their training program is rather exclusive. This is particularly true of the highly popular new graduate program mentioned above.stanford nurse residency personal statement

You’ll have to fulfill a set of requirements that pertain to your past experience and current qualifications. You can find these criteria at the bottom of the screen on their New Grad page.

Fact 3: The most advanced courses are available

Stanford nursing education is nothing if not fully comprehensive. There are so many different courses available that it’s no exaggeration to say that you really can pursue any aspect of nursing you desire. You don’t have to focus solely on strictly nursing skills either, as you will find those leadership qualities and patient explanation skills are things you may want to develop as well.

Stanford proudly offers advanced courses in critical care, providing full certification upon completion of your chosen course. Their leadership courses mostly involve boot camps and workshops that really boost your communication skills to the next level, whereas specialist conferences are practically legendary.

Fact 4: There are all kinds of extracurricular benefits

As a member of this wonderful university, you’ll be privileged to access a number of services that would be otherwise impossible to enjoy. These allow you to focus on your own health as you study and learn everything there is to know about supporting patients and their wellbeing.

You’ll gain access to Stanford University’s Health Improvement Program, which makes sure that you keep in shape by providing all kinds of activities to do with health and fitness management. In addition to this, you can use the university’s gyms for an annual fee. Only a healthy nurse can truly do the best job for their patients, after all.

If you’re an international student, you can even benefit from the Workplace English courses which will help you to get used to the kind of language used in the healthcare environment beyond the use of medical terminology.

Fact 5: They offer advanced life support courses

Taking your nursing knowledge to the next level involves taking advanced classes that simply aren’t offered in less well-equipped institutions. In fact, many nursing students have to travel quite considerable distances to attend the appropriate life support courses.

Stanford University offers a range of critical care training sessions including but not limited to advanced life support (ACLS). All programs of this sort are supported by the American Heart Association and follow their guidelines to the very letter. You can be sure that you’ll be getting the finest nursing training when you learn at Stanford.

Fact 6: Patient education is paramount

Long gone are the days when medicine and nursing were solely physician-centric with the patients’ non-medical needs being an afterthought at best. Nowadays, Stanford is at the forefront of teaching its healthcare professionals to relate to patients and create a fully inclusive environment unlike any other.

stanford nursing program interesting fact

Ultimately, nurses are the primary patient educators and it falls to RNs to help patients understand their conditions and their outlook for the future with regard to coping with their ailments. Stanford promotes a culture of learning that pervades everything they do and as such, you’ll find yourself becoming an expert educator before you know it. You may even find yourself gravitating towards educating your fellow nurses in the future.

Fact 7: You can pursue research easily

Following on from the possibility of getting into educating other nurses and patients alike, Stanford lets you go yet another step further. You may not be aware that nurses can take part in medical research and even lead investigations into practical improvements for patient care.

Stanford Health Care has a dedicated center for the furtherment of evidence-based nursing and if you so wish, you could even apply for an evidence-based practice fellowship. Such an endeavor would really put you on the path to success if you’re willing and able to put in the hours of dedication required. There are a number of study options to pursue including palliative care, wound care and intravenous therapies.

Stanford university cumulative admission stats

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Admission Criteria for Stanford

Having looked at all the benefits of studying at a prestigious and forward-looking university like Stanford, it’s time to seriously consider the papers you need and criteria you must satisfy to be eligible for admission to the new graduate residency program.

  • There’s a significant time commitment involved. You have to enter the RN residency program with the understanding that you will be unable to take any foreseeable breaks for vacations during the entire one-year program. Stanford is serious about training its nurses to become the best in the country and they expect you to feel the same way about your career.
  • You have to have graduated within the past year from an NLNAC or CCNE accredited program that confers the degrees of either BSN or MSN. You must also have passed the NCLEX by the beginning of the calendar year.
  • If you wish to pursue your career to a higher level and attain a place on this graduate residency program for the brightest of newly qualified RNs, you naturally have to possess valid license to practice nursing within the state of California.
  • Importantly, you must not have already started your nursing career in earnest. Any paid work accomplished before the start of the course disqualifies you from attending as a new graduate.
  • There are three periods within each year during which you can apply to the graduate program, starting in the first three weeks of February each year. Make sure you have all your papers in order well in advance. If your application is successful, you’ll be invited to a panel interview for further consideration.

As you can now see, gaining admission to a Stanford nursing program is no easy task. Armed with all the information above, you’re well informed and ready to tackle the admissions team head on. There’s no reason why you can’t succeed with all this knowledge at hand and a genuine desire to succeed in your calling as a nurse. Additionally, you can read an interesting article about the best pediatric residency programs and find out how to choose the right one for you.

Whichever Stanford nursing program you apply for, you know you’ll be getting the best health care education available anywhere. Sign up now and reach your full potential.

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