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Pediatric Residency Programs

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Are you looking for a pediatric residency? That’s great. However, love for children does not necessarily mean that you can be a pediatric resident. There are a lot of things that one should consider before taking a course.

Just like in any field, it’s necessary that you choose the best pediatric residency program. There are many available, but for sure, there is only one the most suitable for you. We offer you the most useful tips for writing a pediatric personal statement.

How to Choose the Right Residency for You

It has to do with any residency, not only pediatric ones. According to Danielle Gottlieb – MS and MD – a residency is a time to collect all experiences possible. The best training for him should be broad and should offer high patient complexity. Moving on, below are the things that are the best to consider:

  • Location of the hospital. Hospitals will let you know different factors, such as the population they serve: a local, distant, or international referral base. The wider, the better: it will allow you to be exposed to a variety of patients.
  • Prestige of the program. You can consider reports by US News & World Report, as they are accurate and trustworthy. Prestigious programs mean larger academic centers, research-oriented faculties, diverse patient populations, and broad education.
  • Residency graduates. You may want to consider the percentage of those who have gotten into faculty positions or fellowships. Most programs share this information on their websites, so check it out. You may also want to check their pass rate: the more board passers they have trained, the more reliable the program is.
  • Depth of the hospital system. It is also available on their websites. Check what program is offered, the complexity of procedures that are performed, and the like.

After listing down the features, follow these steps:

  • Read about all the available residency programs.
  • Collect all the data relating to the features that have most interested you. Work on a spreadsheet and make sure you do not miss any important detail.
  • Keep in mind the lifestyle you prefer.
  • Expect that in urban areas, the chances of having higher patient complexity are more, but this being the case, the cost of living can be a bit expensive. Therefore, you must consider it as well.
  • Check different characteristics of the programs that have attracted the most of your attention.

Improve your personal statement writing by using our pediatric residency personal statement sample!

You may want to gather information like:

  • Clinical and research interests in the department. If you have found what suits you, it is a good sign.
  • Their residents. Do not ask the commonest things, such as: “Are you happy?” The answer to that may be a bit subjective. Focus on the questions that are objective, such as how long they stay outside the hospital or how their workload is offset by the educational aspect of the program. Observe the level of formality between the faculty and the residents and whether the faculty is helpful.
  • The overall hospital system. It would be ideal to know the number of areas in which the residents spend rotations. Their exposure to various levels of patients and the complexity of each case are necessary for them to become better professionals.

Follow these practical tips:

  • Count all the pediatric residency programs you are considering.
  • Work on a spreadsheet and score each of their characteristics. See who amongst them can collect the highest score, and you can start from there.
  • Once your spreadsheet has been completed, make your decision.
  • Do not focus just on the results you have gotten. It is also worth using your gut feeling.
  • You can always do second research on those programs.

top pediatric residency programs list

Best Pediatric Residency Program Rankings

Of course, what you want is to get into a top pediatric residency. You may also want to consider a list of all pediatric residency programs based on the characteristics of programs, as that’s where you can find what suits your skills.

Below is a list of pediatric residency programs, for which you’ll need a personal statement for the pediatric residency.

This pediatric residency program has been rated as excellent by those lucky individuals who were given the opportunity to work and pursue their careers in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Being on top of pediatric residency programs, it deserves consideration.

People are satisfied with the program at this institution. The fact that it is rated as one of the best programs in America is a good reason for taking it into account.

They offer various program options and a few combined pediatric residencies: think about them.

People are generally content with the experience they gained from a pediatric residency program here. They enjoyed career guidance, working hours, schedule flexibility, and culture.

It is an ideal option for those who want to dedicate their life to pediatric medicine.

It is another institution that provides top-class education. A fabulous team, the flexibility of schedules, and perfect working hours are the reasons why many choose the pediatric residency at John Hopkins University.

One of the most prestigious universities around the world offers pediatric residencies to acquire education for advancing yourself in this field. The residencies will provide you with the experience that you cannot get during other programs.

To be accepted to the pediatric residency program that you dream of, you need to work hard. You have to consider significant factors to succeed, and creating an effective pediatric personal statement is one of the necessary things.

Exceptional school records are also needed. Nonetheless, the best medical schools obviously always have a lot of applicants, which makes the competition tighter. A personal statement can make you stand out from the rest, as high grades are what many candidates have and what is not special in the eyes of the selection committee.

Tips on Writing a Personal Statement for the Pediatric Residency Program

Choose the focus

Whatever you include in your residency personal statement should support the focus. In this case, the center of attention for you should be the question of why you must be accepted to the program you have chosen. You need to concentrate on that, providing all the details that can make your intention appear stronger.


Make sure that your grammar is accurate. Consider checking your spelling, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, etc. The assessors will never want to see such errors, and they can completely ruin your chances of getting into the program. It is a must that you proofread your work. The assessors will be attentive to that, as when you become a doctor, you won’t be supposed to make any errors.

Show it instead of talking

You may have no experience yet in terms of pediatric work. What you can share instead are the things or activities that have already showcased your abilities. It can be something connected with infant care, for instance, the experience of providing a sick baby with care or the like. You can also share the experience of instructing someone on a specific responsibility: it may not be directly related to pediatrics. You can read about a neonatology fellowship personal statement too.
pediatric residency programs application assistance

You will never want to enter any institution just because it has highly evaluated your personal statement. What you want is exactly what you have chosen for applying. You must search for the right school for you. Then you need to strive to get accepted. Therefore, we can help you with writing a residency personal statement.

If you are having a hard time working on your personal statement, seek help from professionals and become a part of one of the top pediatric residency programs.

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