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Family Medicine Residency Personal Statement Example

As a high school student in Brazil, I noticed that good healthcare was a privilege that only the upper class could afford. However, I quickly realized that healthcare should be a natural right of all human beings regardless of socio-economic status. It was here that I developed my interest in Family Medicine, because I want to make a positive impact on the health of individuals, families, and community’s simultaneously.My first step was to study in the best medical school in my country, “Great University.” Throughout my clerkships, I felt a deep interest toward Family Medicine because it helped me to think outside the box and apply a process of rational clinical thinking in order to make confident rapid decisions and solve medical problems for people of all ages. I enjoyed working alongside other specialties, being at the forefront of primary patient care and establishing good rapport with my patients and their families. This interaction with multiple generations within the same family instilled in me that the value of a physician is measured by the level of compassion for and empathy toward others.Upon graduation from medical school, I did a rural national rotation in a Small village. As a general practitioner in this community, most cases I saw made me realize the importance of taking initiatives in Preventive Medicine. I teamed up with local authorities to organize health campaigns focusing on cervical cancer screening and Hepatitis B vaccinations.

With all these experiences, I decided that the best path in continuing my journey was to come to the United States to pursue a specialty in Family Medicine. I saw this as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn from the best academic programs in the world. Once in America, I was able to do clinical observerships in order to acquaint myself with the U.S. health system. I was impressed by how American physicians made every clinical decision based on meta-analysis and guidelines. This evidence-based medicine sparked my interest in initiating research at the University of Florida, in the Pulmonary Care, Critical Care, Allergy, and Sleep Medicine Department.

As a new challenge arose, my first research project was in the pioneering field of Sleep Disorders in the Hispanic Population, which excited me. This work has allowed me to present a poster on the topic at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s annual meeting, where I addressed questions from sleep physicians and researchers. Moreover, I had the chance to publish two papers entitled “Sleep Disordered Breathing, Insomnia Symptoms, and Sleep Quality in a Clinical Cohort of U.S. Hispanics in South Florida” and “Determinants of continues positive airway pressure adherence in a sleep clinic cohort of South Florida Hispanics veterans.” This experience taught me the importance of continuing scientific work in patients with multiple comorbidities and diverse cultural backgrounds where sleep disorders are still underdiagnosed. My subsequent research projects are focused on Sleep-disordered breathing in Parkinson’s patients and sleep disorders in people with Spinal Cord injury. The effects of sleep disorders on the quality of life and cognition of these patients with chronic conditions made me realize the crucial role of an integrative specialty, such as Family Medicine, and the contribution of research for the health and wellbeing of all patients suffering from apnea and pulmonary sleep disorders.

While doing research, the clinical observerships I participated in included medical Critical Care unit, pulmonary consultations, and the Sleep Clinic at the University of Florida Hospital. These experiences kept me in close proximity with patient care, which is something I have always enjoyed while still learning the latest advances in diagnostics and treatment.

With these goals achieved, my next goal is pursuing a Family Medicine residency. I am confident that this will allow me to gain the necessary skills to complement my research experience with clinical experience, while educating my patients on disease prevention. I am seeking a strong residency program where I will learn from the expertise of my attending physicians and chief residents, hone my interpersonal skills, and achieve my commitment in bringing my enthusiasm, hard work, and compassion to my patients. My familiarity of the U.S. health system and experience in clinical research makes me a valuable candidate in consideration for an outstanding medical residency program. I look forward to hearing from you, as well as working with you in what will be a mutually beneficial residency experience.

In order to improve your family medicine personal statement our writer will ask you to answer some questions:
  • What are your attributes? What do you have to offer the program?
  • What career path do you wish to pursue after graduation?
  • Have you had any patient care experiences that have solidified your desire to pursue family medicine?

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