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Letter of Recommendation for Residency Program Sample

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letter of recommendation for residency program
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Sample Letter of Recommendation for Residency Program Made by Experts
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Letter of Recommendation for Residency Program Sample Can Be a Good Writing Guide

letter of recommendation for residency program samples

If you are applying for a residency program, you will probably need about 2-4 letters of recommendation. Probably, at least one of your recommenders will have a busy schedule, which makes it difficult to dedicate much time to your letter, and they may have several other students requesting an LoR as well. In cases like this, many recommenders allow students to provide a letter which they will review and sign. However, most students have little or no experience of writing letters of recommendation or creating a personal statement residency. An LoR for the residency program applicants is of utmost importance in the process of reviewing a candidate’s applications. One way for you to begin learning how to write an LoR is by reading a letter of recommendation for the residency program sample.

letter of recommendation for residency program sample

Components of a Great Residency Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation for the residency program should make you stand out from other applicants. Generic LoRs that could suit any applicant contribute nothing positive to your application. Typically, a letter of recommendation for the medical fellowship will consist of the introduction, body, and conclusion. Here are some tips for writing each section, which will improve your LoR:

Introduction: the opening paragraph that states the reason for writing and identifies the applicant

  • The reader should feel that the recommender has a good understanding of the applicant and knows them well enough to make a valid recommendation. The context in which the recommender knows the applicant and how long should be included.
  • Some programs look for evidence that the recommender has been enthusiastic about being asked to write an LoR, so a sentence saying that they have been happy with such a request will be beneficial.

Body: discussion of the applicant’s clinical skills, academic abilities, and personal characteristics in one or two paragraphs

  • When discussing a skill or particular ability, the recommender should give an example of when they observed the applicant demonstrate the skill/ability. Include skills that are relevant to the specific residency program being applied for.
  • The recommender should provide the reader with a comparison of the applicant with other students they have worked with, for instance, “in the top 5 percent,” as this sounds stronger than “excellent” or “outstanding,” which are subject to different kinds of interpretation.
  • Avoid any vague statements.

Conclusion: summarizes the recommendation

  • There should be a clear and persuasive recommendation that leaves no room for doubt or misinterpretation by the reader.
  • Some programs judge a letter of recommendation by its length. A personal statement residency by the recommender should never exceed one page.

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help with writing lor for residency program

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