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Are you an international medical graduate school applicant within Europe, US, Asia, Africa and more seeking admission into medical residency in UK for IMG? Well, take note that between the year 2015 and 2016 over 438,000 international students outside of the UK applied for admission into the UK to study different courses including medicine.

For medical school, of the over 60,000 applicants only 40% end up securing a slot yearly to fulfill their dreams of studying medicine in the UK. Now, let’s professionally guide you through some of the crucial aspects of securing an admission into a personal statement writing service UK  helps.

Why Personal Essay Writing for Medical Residency in UK for International Medical Graduate

One of the major attractions of a study in the UK is the quality of education and the presence of an appreciable number of the world’s 100 top-ranked universities. However, only a smaller fraction of the long lists of applicants make it through the admission process to secure an admission into various programs including medicine at the end of the day.

Securing entry into UK for international medical graduate schools is no doubt quite a hectic task as it requires a lot of applicants. The strain could sometimes throw admission seekers off balance not knowing what to provide. Doctors are vital for the survival of any society, and the quality of training is crucial for the preservation of humanity.

One of the solutions to the admissions problem besides having a great resume for residency, therefore, is the personal statement letter. A well-written personal statement essay is one of the critical requirements for securing admission into medical residency programme in the UK.

For a good number of students particularly the international students, personal essay letter writing could be a significant challenge. Some of the difficulties could include language and cultural differences between home country and UK, knowing how to craft one’s skills, qualifications, experiences and more into a 1-2 page essay. Hence, the Custom essay writing service UK provides international applicants seeking admissions into UK universities with professionally written personal statement essays that even the IMG in US can take advantage of to make it to the limited lists of applicants who secure admission into medical residency yearly.

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Essential Requirements for a Medical Residency in UK for IMG

  • Grades. You need to have exceptional grades with at least AAA or A*AA for both A-levels and GCSE in subjects like English language, Maths, and the sciences to make the admission considerations easier. Some schools have a preference for an A in one or all of biology, chemistry and any other sciences.
  • BMAT, UKCAT, and GAMSAT. Go for tutorials, get practice questions and familiarize yourself with them to increase your score grades in the BMAT or UKCAT exams. Some universities prefer BMAT to UKCAT. Check to know if your course requires aptitude test and the dates. Dates usually fall between August and November each year.
  • For UKCAT a score of 700+ in each exam should put you in an excellent situation.

Average BMAT score ranges from 55%-68% depending on the number of applicants, overall grades, and the admission requirements:

  • International Baccalaureate. International students should have between 32 to 37 points, but most institutions work with 36 or 37 points in total to cover some of these subject to secure admission. Subjects include maths, English, physics, chemistry or biology. You should also take the IELTS with a score of 6.5 in each subject with a target of 7.0 rating at the end.
  • Personal statement. A personal essay explains who you are, your achievements and experiences and how well you can write logically and in a mature manner to catch the admissions committee’s attention. It states why you intend joining the institution’s medical residency programme, what value you would bring to campus and how you propose impacting society positively with your skills in the future. To increase your chance and save time always seek professional essay writing service UK help and reduce the number of attempts too.
  • Admission test includes UKCAT, BMAT, GAMSAT.
  • Reference letters. Your intending institution expects at least two reference letters from your former school and distinguished individuals that can respond to your character and personality.
  • Interview. The interview session usually is a panel interview to discuss your suitability for the programme.

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Tips to Note When Writing a Personal Statement For IMGs UK

Before applying you need to have an explicit knowledge of what the medical field entails and on how to become a doctor of repute. You can start your research by reading medical journals and the general press that would help your understanding. Also, you can talk with medical doctors, students and more to broaden your horizon about medicine. If you must pursue a course in medicine, strive to gather any form of medical experience of a minimum of 6 months in one location to increase your chances. But be careful not to say too much or too little. Being precise and concise by avoiding verbosity and ambiguity will help you to get the desired result. You should remember about the format of your personal statement so do not exhaust the entire word count but tell everything in a maximum of two pages and your opening sentence must be captivating enough to keep the committee reading your essay. Since you are waiting for the high grade keep in mind that you need to write with a professional touch, stating your strength and using your weaknesses to your advantage.

personal statement for medical residency

Of course, writing a convincing personal statement is a skill that takes time to develop and it is one of the solutions to look for cheap CV writing service UK for personal statement essay and secure admission into internal medicine schools UK without stress. You can start early and write several drafts before the deadline. But difficult part of the process is that you must write, edit, proofread and format your work before submission deadline or rely on our fast and efficient paper writing service UK with our observership report to get it done for you before the deadline. If you have any worries just let more experienced hands go through personal statement before submission to spot errors and omissions.

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How We Can Help with the Best Essay Writing Service in UK for Your Personal Statement for IMG UK

Let’s help you with the best essay writing service in UK for:

  •    Personal statement writing, editing, proofreading, and formatting
  •    Resume IMG UK

Armed with professionals with hands-on experience who were once medical students but now graduates from different medical schools we are sure of giving you an excellent and well-constructed personal statement letter to help you secure an admission. Our expert residency personal statement writers are fluent English speakers, US, UK with masters and doctoral degrees as well as several years’ experience writing personal statements for admission into most of the reputable university institutions to become an IMG doctor UK.

We have a perfect understanding of the requirements to get you admitted into any medical residency programme in the UK so rely on our expertise and reduce the trial and error. Trust us to edit, proofread and format to acceptable standards even if you choose to write the residency personal statement yourself. Let’s get you admitted into your school of choice for medical residency in UK for IMGs

Order now our professional writing & editing service for medical residency in UK for IMG and be on your way to the university pursuing your dream career!

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