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Your Full Guide to a Successful Residency Application Personal Statements

With the residency application process done online, there are hundreds or even thousands of them in every program. So without even saying, it will be hard for an applicant to shine if he or she is not careful enough in minding about common pitfalls, like not following instructions and deadlines or submitting a lousy personal statement. So with that said, how do you increase your chances of being accepted in a residency application with your personal statement for nursing school as well as the match? Keep reading.

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Applying For Residency Program: Tips For An Impressive Personal Statement

  • Don’t write a mediocre personal statement – you know what this means. The blah, blah stuff and with intros like “I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor…” or “Practicing as physician has been a lifelong dream..” Instead of the chitchat, you should be able to highlight the reasons you’re interested in the medical field. Or relate a story –which has to do with your interest or perhaps motivation to apply?
  • Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes by reading your paper a couple of times and editing it until you achieved perfection.
  • Follow the word count required, or else you might leave a bad impression to the screening committee because you cannot be trusted even with the smallest details.
  • Don’t cheat and pretend to be someone else you’re not. For the hopes of impressing the readers, some students make up stories, which aren’t actually pertaining to them or worse they have just copied from other applicants or online.
  • Don’t exaggerate! Your personal statement does not need any glittery introduction, body or conclusion. You just need to be yourself – write about yourself. There is no need for special effects here and there.

How to Increase Your Chances for a Match in the Residency Application Process

  • Research the top three programs in your ideal location and contact them
  • Look for a mentor for your chosen specialty
  • Join a national conference in your choice specialty

Finally, admission experts recommend talking over the paper with the people who know you as well as medicine.

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