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Letter of Recommendation – Fellowship Sample

Letter of Recommendation – Fellowship
Nurse Practitioners

To: Admissions Committee:

I am honored and pleased to write this letter to fully support and endorse the application of Ms. Maryna to be accepted in your ____ Fellowship in ____ Care for your next match year. Maryna is currently a Registered Nurse at the ____ Healthcare Center and has taken a clinical rotation with the cardiology group at _____ Hospital where she would regularly visit and provide me with updates on the patients sent to the hospital. She is also engaged in the rehab part of the Healthcare Center, which is a subacute rehab and nursing home. I am her direct supervisor with oversight on providing nursing care for all the 15 patients in rehab.
As a registered nurse, Maryna has clearly exhibited confidence in her ability to care for of severely ailing patients across diverse age and ethnicity, especially those on who are on a ventilator, have IVs, PICC lines, antibiotics, and etc. She is quite dependable in completing her tasks and would not leave her patients unless the next shift nurse has arrived, never failing to complete her shift reports for the next nurse. In addition, she is quite diligent and committed to provide the best possible nursing service that also involves writing incident reports and administering patient admissions, among others.
I remember her handling one of my patients who started developing cellulitis on her leg. She lost no time notifying me while calling to advise the physician in charge although it was already 11 PM on Saturday. She was able to obtain from the physician a verbal order for a general antibiotic and to order lab work. Her dedication has endeared her to me and fellow nurses including the patient who thanked her for the effort. What impressed me most have been her social and interpersonal communication skills that have enabled her to win the trust and confidence of even difficult patients and in implementing complex intervention plans.
In closing, let me just say that the Maryna has what it takes to succeed in her chosen career as a consummate nurse practitioner. I have no doubt this fellowship program will strengthen her competencies and open doors to bring her career to a higher plane while contributing her experience and insights to the program. If you need additional information, I would be more than happy to oblige through any of my contact points in the header. Thank you for your time and this opportunity to endorse an exceptionally dedicated and competent nurse with a clear view of what she wanted to achieve in her career.


_______________, RN,
Healthcare Center

Note that any fellowship application document, whether a personal statement or a letter of recommendation fellowship, differs from those prepared for other programs. These focus more on the applicant’s maturity, the professional opportunities, and the contribution they can offer. And, of course, you can always turn to our experienced specialists with customization or improvement of your own admission documents package!