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Emergency Medicine Personal Statement Sample

If you’ve started writing and lack inspiration, feel free to review the statement provided below.

It might help you get motivated when getting prepared for your pre residency fellowship.

Emergency Medicine – Personal Statement

Some valuable insights remain a cliché unless you observe them practically under certain scenarios. While I always admired doctors for their selfless and noble services to the humanity, I truly appreciated its essence back in Oakland University during my undergraduate course in Biology. I, along with twenty other fellow students, organized a medical relief camp and traveled all the way to Uruguay to execute our plan. Of course, none of us was quite skilled in medical treatment at that time, but we managed to gather a team of expert doctors and pharmacists to assist us along the way. So, technically it was more of an administrative experience that set some clear goals and ambitions for me regarding my career path. The heartfelt peace and satisfaction of seeing innocent, undernourished children smiling and disaster-struck adults hopeful for complete recovery from various diseases called me to the purpose of my life – become an expert in emergency medicine.
Before I move on, I would like to mention that our medical relief campaign was not limited to Honduras. Perhaps the kind words and gestures of the underprivileged community there really fueled us; we could not help but move further to a remote village to dig trenches for fresh water and then later to an orphanage. What a spiritually and emotionally satisfying trip that was! In fact, I feel that this exposure had a significant influence on my overall personality. Recently when I visited a rural hospital in India for a similar purpose, I kept on recalling all the incidents that occurred there and reached an interesting conclusion. If you really wish to learn and grow as a doctor, take traveling to such places as a mandatory part of your education. While house-jobs, internships, and placements give you some idea of your typical day tasks, these trips help you set your priorities straight while giving clinical exposure to uncommon diseases. After all, what’s the point of pursuing a career in medical sciences when you cannot even become a ray of hope for those who are struggling between life and death?
As I look forward to taking a residency in Emergency Medicine, I am also preparing myself for another important issue – Health Care Leadership. Honestly speaking, no hospital or clinic can deal emergency cases effectively unless it has some proper strategies to provide affordable treatment and manage essential resources. That’s the concept behind my current rotation. I am working to explore ways in which more community outreach projects can be launched successfully along with making medical care readily available. That can be achieved when we have cost-effective policies to manage the finances and assets. Hopefully, this work experience will complement my expertise in Emergency Medicine as I step out of training phase.
What really excites me for this residency is the potential opportunity to teach and assist my fellows as necessary. This reminds me of the days when I worked as a teaching assistant in anatomy lab in Oklahoma University. Spending several hours to prepare the teaching materials and then demonstrating during the lab sessions was indeed an excellent way to discover the teacher hidden somewhere inside me. Moreover, as I look back today at all my experiences of student life, it pleases me to realize that I have a pretty good self-control, especially during the time of crisis. Of course, being an aspiring physician specializing in emergency medicine, that’s an essential skill to master.

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