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Residency Personal Statement Sample

effective residency personal statement sample

Can Our Family Medicine Personal Statement Sample Help You?

According to the figures issued by the NRMP Match over 11,000 of those graduates that applied for a residency were not matched in the last year, you can also read about the medical residency in Canada on our site. So if you want to be sure of gaining a place over the competition you will need to ensure that your application through ERAS makes you stand out. A good residency personal statement sample can show you just how yours needs to be written if you are to be successfully chosen.

Your personal statement will often be one of the most important parts of your application. After all, by this stage in your education, you will have proved yourself academically and there will be little else to choose between you and other applicants. So a well written personal statement or letter of intent can make a significant difference to your application if you can make yourself stand out.

Writing an outstanding personal statement or even a letter of recommendation if far from simple which is why many applicants will turn to our services for support. We can provide you with everything that you may need from an ERAS cost calculator through to a psychiatry residency personal statement sample. All of our samples are written by highly experienced experts that fully understand just what the admissions committee will be looking for.

How to Use Our Residency Personal Statement Sample to Improve Your Writing

Whether you look at our emergency medicine personal statement sample or personal statement for nursing graduate school you will be viewing a perfectly written statement. We show you just the right style of writing to adopt and the areas that you should be looking to cover within your writing. Our samples can offer you the inspiration that you need to get your writing spot on.

However, you cannot simply copy our pediatrics residency personal statement sample or adapt it slightly. Your own residency or fellowship application will require a highly personalized and targeted statement that will reflect you and the programs that you are applying to. You cannot simply copy what you have seen online.

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How to Write the Best Personal Statement for Residency

When you receive your ERAS token you will be able to set up your MyERAS login. This will allow you to upload your residency personal statement and other documents to the system. All of this allows you to apply to your chosen programs within the ERAS and Match timeline. While looking at our sample letter of intent residency can give you many ideas you will still need some guidance to ensure that yours will be completed on time and to a high enough standard.

The following guidance will help you with your writing:

  • Ensure that you fully understand the requirements for your personal statement; you can upload one page onto the system.
  • Fully understand what the program is looking to understand about you. Typically they will want answers to all of the following:
  • Why do you want to follow your selected specialty?
  • What steps have you already taken in this field?
  • Where do you see your future career?
  • What specific skills do you have that make you perfect for this field?
  • Why are you applying to this specific residency program?
  • Make your opening line count: the admissions committee will be reading many applications so you will need to get their full attention with that opening line. Spend extra time so it is capable of making the reader want to know more about who you are.
  • Tell a story, don’t just make a list. This is not your resume, you want to keep their attention and make your statement memorable. A story about an anecdote or an achievement can do this.
  • Focus on what the program wants to know: do not write anything that is irrelevant to your application.
  • Keep your writing concise: every word must count so avoid all forms of filler in your writing.

emergency medicine personal statement sample psychiatry residency personal statement sample family medicine personal statement sample residency personal statement sample

What to avoid with your writing:

  • Never use clichés within your writing as this simply shows that you have put little thought into your own writing. Typical clichés are: (“When all is said and done…”, “Ever since I was young…”, “I have a burning desire to…”, “I am passionate about…”).
  • Never use slang or acronyms: your writing should be everyday formal English that anyone can understand.
  • Don’t write about other people: a personal statement is about you so that they can see who you are.
  • Never take this as an opportunity to complain or to make excuses for your past performance.
  • Never lie: it is likely that what you will write in your personal statement will be reviewed during your interview.
  • Never fail to check your work: vital proofreading must be done if you don’t want your application to be rejected right from the start.

excellent residency personal statement sample

We Can Support Your Residency Application

From an excellent sample letter of recommendation for medical residency to an internal medicine personal statement sample, our examples are some of the best that you will find online. We provide you all of the support and guidance that you may need for making your residency application. Our experts are medical graduates that have been through the whole process and fully understand what is expected of you.

They work with you to personalize your application and will help you to deliver an outstanding application that is going to make you stand out. With our support, you will always have your error free and unique personal statement finished on time. With amazing attention to detail and a guarantee of your full satisfaction, our services are the best to choose.

Use our residency personal statement sample to guide your writing or use our professional and highly effective services to give your ERAS application a real edge.

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