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How to Write a Dermatology Residency Personal Statement for the Top Programs

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What Is Dermatology?

This is a branch of medicine dealing with the nails, skin and hair and the diseases or any of the diseases connected to it. Their specialty is with both surgical and medical aspects. They are treating diseases in the widest sense. This may also include some cosmetic issues of the skin, hair, scalp, and nails. So, there are custom residency personal statements for you to choose.

List of Dermatology Residency Programs

There are many programs around that offers Dermatology Residency programs, but of course, what you want is to get the best education possible to ensure that you will excel on the field of your choice. Out of the many dermatologists around, those who are known in the industry are those who came from reputable schools.

If you want to succeed in this field, you better start with choosing the right program suitable to match your goals and aspirations of becoming a professional dermatologist.

Below are top dermatology residency programs

  • University of California in San Francisco with 98% board certified
  • University of Pennsylvania Health System with 100% board certified
  • New York University School of Medicine with 99% of board certified
  • Massachusetts General Hospital/ Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/ Brigham and Women’s Hosp with 100% board certified
  • Stanford Health Care (sponsored Stanford University) with 100% board certified
  • McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University with 97% board certified
  • University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers with 100% board certified

don'ts while writing dermatology residency personal statement
Other than academic factors, one of the things that you need to work on is your Dermatology Residency Personal Statement, this is important especially that you want to go beyond your competitors. There are many applicants around gunning for the same post as what you are pursuing, of course, same as you, what they want is to get the course from the top-ranked dermatology residency programs.

This being the case, working on the highly competitive personal statement is necessary. There is no exact same personal statement that should be made, all should tailor fit the school’s requirements and what they are looking for. A personal statement that is good for one may not be effective for the other.

Writing Personal Statement

The process for writing your personal statement

First things first, starting with the basics of writing personal statement. There is actually one process that should be followed across, may you be applying one out of the dermatology residency programs list. What follows is dermatology residency programs ranking that you can use for your choice of programs.

Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX

  • Board Certified:  97%
  • Alumni Publication: 60%
  • Alumni Clinical Trial: 63%

Boston University Medical Center in Boston, MA

  • Board Certified: 98%
  • Alumni Publication: 86%
  • Alumni Clinical Trial: 87%

Brown University in Providence, RI

  • Board Certified: 97%
  • Alumni Publication: 76%

Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA

  • Board Certified: 100%
  • Alumni Publication: 87%
  • Alumni Clinical Trial: 70%

John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD

  • Board Certified: 100%
  • Alumni Publication: 90%
  • Alumni Clinical Trial: 91%

New York Medical College in New York, NY

  • Board Certified: 100%
  • Alumni Publication: <50%
  • Alumni Clinical Trial: 66%

Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA

  • Board Certified: 94%
  • Alumni Publication: <50%
  • Alumni Clinical Trial: 95%

Stanford Health Care- Sponsored Stanford University

  • Board Certified: 100%
  • Alumni Publication: 97%
  • Alumni Clinical Trial: 91%

University of Colorado in Aurora, CO

  • Board Certified: 100%
  • Alumni Publication: 75%
  • Alumni Clinical Trial: 78%

University of Utah in Salt Lake CityUT

  • Board Certified: 100%
  • Alumni Publication: 79%
  • Alumni Clinical Trial: 83%

University of Washington

  • Board Certified: 100%
  • Alumni Publication: 69%
  • Alumni Clinical Trial: 86%

Yale-New Haven Medical Center in New Haven, CT

  • Board Certified: 100%
  • Alumni Publication: 94%
  • Alumni Clinical Trial: 87%

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Top Dermatology Residency Programs

Tips for Writing Successful Dermatology Residency Personal Statement

You can follow the following process in writing your personal statement:

  • Analyzing the questions asked on your application. You need to make sure that you completely understand the questionnaires if possible read the question over and over again. Rushing may give you different interpretation to questions.
  • Research the program and/or school program to which you are submitting your application. It is necessary that you know the school, best if you check on their website and speak to their other residents and faculty members.
  • After all, has been done, then it is time to put it into writing. Writing your essay is the next step.
  • Revise your essay if necessary for form and content.
  • Ask someone else to proofread your work. This is necessary especially that you want it to be well delivered. Ask for inputs and make sure it counts, although you have to choose the right proofreader to do the job for you. Consider the quality of readers and not the quantity.
  • Revise again after collecting data from your readers.
  • Then proofread very carefully before submitting. Take your time and proofread your work as many times as possible. It should be error free, no punctuation, capitalization, spelling or grammar errors.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Albert Einstein            

The questions that you may commonly read in the essay are:

  • What makes you different from any other applicants?
  • What attracted you to your chosen career? What are your expectations?
  • When did you start to become interested in this career? How was the interest developed? When did you become certain that this career is what you really wanted to do? What made your decision firm?
  • What are your influences? Intellectually? What books, writers, professors or can be concepts in college have shaped you?
  • What are the two or three of the academic accomplishments which have made you most prepared?
  • What researchers have you conducted? And what are the things you learned from it?
  • What are the nonacademic experiences contributed to your choice of school and/or career? It can be a volunteer, work or family?


Make sure that all questions are asked

Never assume that all questions are the same, different application asks a different set of questionnaires, thus it is necessary that you read through it and answer all question clearly and properly.

Be confident and honest in your statement

This you have to assure, all information you will include on your essay are true. Telling lies is definitely a no. Do not underestimate the assessor’s ability to find out whether the statements you are saying is true or lie. They have been reading a lot of essays, thus giving them enough ability to differentiate truth from lies.

Write an interesting essay

Share your stories that are highly interesting and unique, something that no ordinary individual may have had experience. Make sure that the experience helped you become a better individual.

Develop an essay about yourself on the early part of your essay

Make sure that you introduce yourself, including your abilities, capabilities and the like. It is okay to share information about other people, but that should never be highlighted, you are applying for the post and not the other person you idolize or your mentor.

Pick about two or four main topics for a one-page essay

Do not say everything or your entire life story on your essay. Write only those that are necessary and related to the field you choose. You have to impress the program coordinator but they will never be impressed to things that are not related to their field.

Make sure that your essay has no error at all

Perfection is necessary, thus never fail to proofread your work. If it may take you hours or days to do so, then let it. You would never want to submit an essay that has a lot of errors as that can be an automatic failure on your end.



Avoid using words that are vague, empty and overused

Words like challenging, invaluable, rewarding and anything else of the like, should be avoided. Assessors are expecting you are an intelligent person, thus using of these words may not sound one.

Do not get too personal about politics, religion or lack of education

Avoid words or phrases that are an emotional catharsis. These are issues should never be discussed, much more on essays when applying for a dermatology residency.

Do not copy the exact same personal statement you submitted from one school to another

It is necessary that you use custom residency personal statements, you would never want to use the exact same essay you submitted before, as for sure, that won’t work. Different programs have their own qualifications and standards, thus better be specific.

Some application, on the other hand, is only being accepted through ERA application, or Electronic Residency Application Service. Most of the information that is needed to be provided on Eras are:

  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Personal Statement
  • Photograph
  • Letter from the Dean of your medical school
  • Transcript of medical school record
  • USMLE Step 1 score (the higher the score, the better), you can also include Step II in case you completed it

help with dermatology residency programs
To secure your ERAS token:

  • US medical graduates should contact their medical school Dean’s office or Student affairs.
  • For foreign medical graduates, must contact their ECFMG or Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduate.
  • For Canadian medical graduates, you must contact the Canadian Resident Matching Service.

Considering Dermatology PA Residency Program

Some are pursuing dermatology pa residency programs, actually, there are advantages, why people are pursuing this route on their dermatological career

  • A clinical knowledge that would take years of On the Job Training to complete.
  • Employees are actually willing to pay high those who have taken PA, who completed a residency program
  • Those who have taken extra training can possibly receive more responsibilities and autonomy.

On the other hand, there are those who are taking dermatology nurse practitioner residency programs. These practitioners are working on all types of medical issues and diseases that actually manifest on the surface area of the skin. The issues can vary from a simple acne to skin cancer or any other sickness in between. As per those who are taking this route, they feel satisfaction in terms of their economic and professional career.

When applying for any residency, dermatology residency programs, emergency medicine residency programs, what you need to consider is creating an effective personal statement, those who cannot create an effective one may forget their aspirations and dreams of becoming one.

Good news for people having a hard time writing an effective dermatology residency personal statement! There are professionals who can help you with it. Call us to find out more!

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