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Best Med Schools For Surgery

personal statement for best med schools for surgery

What Is Surgery?

Starting with the basic, although for sure, you are checking on this article because of your interest in pursuing general surgery personal statement, nevertheless, just to give you a more defined explanation for what surgery is all about, below is information worth for you to consider. Our residency personal statement writers can help you to create the best one.

Surgery is an ancient medical specialty that uses both instrumental techniques and operative manual on a patient, this is to treat or investigate a pathological condition such as injury or disease, to encourage and help improve functionality and appearance of the body or to repair any unwanted ruptured areas.

Surgical procedure or operation or simply surgery is the act of performing this activity.best med schools for surgery list

There are different types of surgery, and these types are categorized commonly by the type of procedure, the urgency, degree of invasiveness, body system involved and special instrumentation.

There are many schools/ institutions or universities that are providing education to those who want to pursue surgery. It is a must that you find the best med school for surgery.  It’s hard sometimes to choose from the plastic surgery residency program rankings what feets you the best.

Below are few factors when considering the surgery residency program:

  • Price

Sure, you would not want to finish the program with a broken bank account, although just secondary on the factors you need to consider, it is still valuable to consider their fees. If you think that their school is something you cannot afford, you can always consider getting their scholarship. Always consider value for your money when choosing a school.

  • Quality of education

This should be on top of your list, choosing the school that can provide you the quality of education you need is necessary. If you want to enter a cardiac surgery residency program, it is necessary to find out the quality of the program offered in the specific school you’re looking into.

You need to ensure that you are getting the knowledge from an institution that can help you succeed with your career. You can always make use of available sources like sites providing rankings of schools and programs. Search for Undergraduate GPA and MCAT scores required by the programs. The following are some general surgery residency rankings you can use for reference:

Surgery Residency Program Rankings


In-state Tuition: $47, 284
In-state Tuition: $52, 478
In-state Tuition: $54,050
In-state Tuition: $32, 748
In-state Tuition: $32, 546
In-state Tuition: $47, 248
In-state Tuition: $32, 748
  • Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, Massachusetts)
In-state Tuition: $30, 150


best med schools for surgery list

Best Med Schools for Surgery: Surgery Residency Program List

On top of the list is John Hopkins School of Medicine, with a median MCAT score of 36 out of 45 and Median incoming GPA of 3.91. Their statistics are high and tuition on a bit expensive level of $47284 USD.

The school is considered to be one on top of the industry with Median incoming GPA of 3.68 and very high MCAT score of 38 out of 45. Comparing to John Hopkins, their tuition fee is a lot higher at $52478 USD.

Median MCAT of 38 out of 45 and an incoming GPA of 3.90, thus you know you opt for a good start, although their tuition fee is a lot higher at $54050.

UC San Diego School of Medicine is located in Jolla California is another good choice when taking surgery residency, median MCAT score of 35 out of 45 and median incoming GPA of 3.82, what made this school a popular choice is because of their affordable education, in-state tuition of $32748 and out of state tuition of $44993.

Located in Los Angeles California, this school has a median MCAT score of 35 and median incoming GPA of 3.78. Same with UC San Diego, they are offering their quality education at a good price, in-state tuition of $32546 USD and out of state tuition of $44791 USD.

In Boston, Massachusetts has a median MCAT score of 37 and median incoming GPA of 3.93. They may be giving good education but it actually comes with a price, tuition is $53581 USD

Another good one to consider, located in Stanford California, median MCAT score of 37 and median incoming GPA of 3.85. Tuition is as well costly at $49892 USD.

There are many types of surgery residency that you can choose from, but one of the top choices that applicants usually consider is orthopedic surgery. Why not? This is most likely and in demand and can be highly challenging.

On the other hand, just like in anything you choose, it is important that you consider top Orthopedic surgery residency program. You would never want to be behind of the back, thus getting the education from the top schools is a must.

Discover some tips on how to write outstanding preliminary surgery personal statement!

Top orthopedic surgery residency programs, according to the Becker’s Hospital Review

  • Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City
  • Washington University/ St. Louis Children’s Hospital Consortium/ Barnes-Jewish Hospital (St. Louis)
  • Brigham and women’s hospital/ Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School (Boston)

Who Is a Surgical Technologist?

In the US, a surgical technologist is working under the supervision of a registered nurse, surgeon’s assistant, surgeons, and other surgical personnel. They are there to ensure that the operating room is safe, the operative procedure is conducted under conditions that are highly suitable for patient’s safety and that all equipment is functioning well.

They handle scrubs, medication, and instruments. They are also to perform basic tasks, like checking on the patient’s medical charts, preparing sterile dressings and consent forms. They are highly trained and certified to be a vital part of the entire surgical team.

Pursuing Surgical Residency Programs

It is a must that you should work on your best to ensure that you will get a good spot in the industry of surgical residency. For sure, you want to get the education to an institution that can provide you the best quality of education.

Think of this, this way, since you are gunning to get into a reputable school, for sure you have a lot of competitors, applying for the same post you are pursuing and the same school, thus it is only necessary that you make yourself out of the ordinary and get one of the few slots.

As per ShirinTowfig, MD, she is standing on few statements, first, it is never too late for anyone to choose surgery as a career, she added that many actually do not choose until the end of their 3rd year, second, the majority of programs for general surgery are very good, this will let you graduate as a good surgeon.cardiac surgery residency program application help

Getting into the Top Surgery Residency Program

Creating an effective personal statement is necessary, you sure would want the assessors to notice your application, thus making use of strategic means of noticing you through your personal statement is necessary. You cannot deny the fact that maybe all of the applicants have the same qualifications, like high test scores, good grades and the like, what will make you above the ordinary is your personal statement.

General Advice

Below are pieces of advice from professionals you can consider

  • There are many differences between community programs and universities, taking advantage of these differences is a must for you to consider. For sure, what you want is to get exactly what you are looking for, by the use of right research, for sure you can achieve what you are looking for.
  • Things or factors you need to think about: What are your goals? private practice, subspecialty, geography, academics and general surgery, what is that exactly you are looking for?
  • There is no US news nor world report for residency, thus it is necessary that you get information from word of mouth, although, you need to consider the fact that you only need to get information from reliable people or sources, nothing else.
  • Surgery has one of the highest ratings in terms of attrition, thus it is necessary that you think of this before pursuing. Never rush and give yourself enough time to think and decide.
  • It is a must that you send your application on time and makes sure to proofread before doing so.

Creating a Good Surgery Personal Statement

When creating a general surgery personal statement or hand surgery fellowship personal statement, it is necessary that you consider all important factors before doing so. You would never want to miss your chance for your application to be left unnoticed just because you submitted a not appealing personal statement:

  • Make your statements concise, well-written and compelling. It is a must that you proofread your work before finally submitting. It is ideal if you can also ask someone to proofread it for you.
  • Discuss more information about yourself and what makes you different from the rest of the applicants. Being out of the ordinary is a key for you to get a good impression.
  • If you have a story that is not ordinary that can be connected to what you are pursuing, share it.
  • If there are few red flags on your application, like failing the boards or a course, explain it, make sure though that you accept full responsibility and you should never put the blame to external causes.
  • Make sure that you follow instructions very carefully, if it requires one page, then your essay should be one page.

When you are applying for any course, including surgery residency, veterinary residency programs and anything else of the like, it is necessary that you do your homework. You are not pursuing any course or program just because someone told you so. Make sure that it has something to do with your interest and can help you progress in your chosen field.

Our goal – is your successful enrollment into the best med schools for surgery! Don’t waste your time, the help of our professional writers is always available!

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