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Tips on Hospitalist Fellowship Family Medicine Personal Statement

hospitalist fellowship family medicine personal statement

For those who are interested in pursuing a career as a hospitalist, applying for a hospitalist fellowship family medicine is worth your time as you are given the opportunity to gain the right training to become an expert in this field. From clinical duties to research to implementation of knowledge, you will be immersed in the world of a hospitalist to gain experience that will prepare you for various settings. Sounds interesting?

If you want to be part of hospitalist or spine surgery fellowship program, you should first complete the application form provided by the school, your scores in COMLEX/USMLE, your recent curriculum vitae, letter of completion of your residency or you can submit your diploma, and finally, a personal statement. However, depending on where you will be applying for a fellowship, you will also be required to submit a presentation that you have authored regarding family planning as well as research presentation. For many applicants, putting together the requirements is a whole lot easier compared to having to write their personal statement. What can you do to make your statement stand out?

Best Tips to Writing Your Personal Statement for Hospitalist Fellowship Family Medicine

  • Do your research. In order to write a personal statement that is appropriate for the program, you need to know first what the program is all about and the school’s background. This way, you will have an idea on what they are looking for in fellowship applicants.
  • Aim to convey a theme. Think of a topic or central theme that your sentences will revolve around. If you are given a topic to write about in your personal statement, make sure that you understand what is being asked of you and that your theme or topic is relevant to the program. Comprehension is essential when writing your statement.
  • Write your reasons. You should include your reasons why you want to apply for a fellowship program. This can include your goals in your career.
  • Be brief. Your personal statement doesn’t have to be hard to comprehend. By keeping it short and to the point, you will be able to put more information that will help your readers get to know you better.
  • Talk about your strengths. How are you qualified for this program? Tell your readers why they should even consider for the fellowship by mentioning your strengths. Don’t be shy when talking about your strengths as they can help your application get a boost.
  • Be honest. You should be honest when writing your personal statement. Don’t embellish anything as any information you write can be checked easily.
  • Check for grammar errors. Make sure that you use proper grammar in your personal statement. Double check your writing before sending your paper in.
  • Ask for feedback. Ask your close friends and colleagues to read your statement and then give their feedback so you will have an idea on whether your statement needs more revision or not.

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