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Dentistry Fellowship Personal Statement Rules

Pursuing a fellowship in dentistry is advantageous to your career because you will be trained on how to address various dental issues from the milder cases to the more severe ones using proper tools and equipment. If you are interested in applying for this fellowship or a mental health fellowship you will need to submit your updated curriculum vitae, undergraduate and graduate transcripts, recent photograph, letters of recommendation where one can be written by the dean, and your personal statement.

Each one of these requirements plays a role in your application which means that even your personal statement should be given a lot of thought.

Rules to Writing Your Dentistry Fellowship Personal Statement

  • Know the program. It is important that you do your research regarding the fellowship so you will know what is expected of you. This can also help you think of what information to share.
  • Talk about your qualifications. What makes you qualified for this program? Talk about it in your personal statement. Make sure that the information you share isn’t found in your CV or application.
  • Keep it short. You don’t have to write several pages of personal statement because a single page will suffice. Of course, it depends on what the school requires in terms of word count.
  • Get straight to the point. When writing your personal statement, just get straight to the point. Your readers will appreciate it more compared to writing long sentences that are simply fillers.
  • Review and revise. The first draft shouldn’t be the one you send along with your application. You still need to review and revise the first draft until you create a well-written statement.

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fellowship in dentistry

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