Interested in applying for hand surgery fellowship or hepatology fellowship? Surgeons who want to specialize in hand surgery can get more training in this field when they apply for a fellowship. Among the usual requirements that are asked by schools are updated curriculum vitae, medical school transcripts and or diploma, letters of recommendation (at least three), and USMLE scores. Applicants are also asked to write a personal statement where they are asked to provide more information about their achievements, skills, and future goals.

Unfortunately, many applicants fail to create a compelling statement which is why they often turn to writing services to help them out. If this sounds just like you, don’t hesitate to hire our service because we can build the best statement for you.

hand surgery fellowship personal statementTop Hand Surgery Fellowship Programs

It seems quite simple to study the methods of performing hand surgery. However, it still requires a lot of practice and selection of best institution to get adequate knowledge. Here are 5 best medical centres to study about the hand surgery.

  1. INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center is a popular institution that offers modern courses and recommendations for the upper and lower sides of the hand.
  2. Christine M. Kleinert Institute is a big name that has garnered a lot of appreciations regarding the hand surgery program. You are obligated to share your talent if you do something well. This is an important principle of this program.
  3. UW School of Medicine is offering the best studies regarding hand surgeries. The various techniques and right methods of performing surgeries for hand injury are taught by the experienced professors.
  4. Johns Hopkins offers an outstanding training program for hand surgery fellowship. The students who’ve completed the residency in plastic surgery can go for the one-year training program offered by the institution.
  5. Florida Orthopaedic Institute is giving the similar best opportunity. The upper extremity and hand surgery training is provided in all the aspects.

This Is How You Can Compose the Hand Surgery Fellowship Personal Statement

Here are the basic steps to explain you well about the writing procedure of Hand Surgery PS. These points are quite feasible to do this in the ideal manner.

  1. The overview of your personal statement should be started from you (but all about your profession, education and skills).
  2. You are also supposed to include some details about the certifications (if you’ve got) to brighten up chances of the admission.
  3. The ending part must be about the true reasons that result in picking you up for the admission. You just have to do it for the better outcomes for sure.

Need Tips for Writing Your Hand Surgery Fellowship Personal Statement?

  • Decide your topic. Unless the topic is already given, think of a topic that will be the central theme of your personal statement. Make sure that it is relevant to the fellowship.
  • Highlight your strengths. Now is the best time to show off your strengths that are related to hand surgery. Cite your achievements or awards that you have received pertaining to this field if any.
  • Know the word count. If there is a word count indicated in the application for personal statement, make sure that you follow it. If none is given, keep your personal statement to a single page only if possible.
  • Engage your readers. You need to engage your readers in your personal statement so try to make it more interesting by adding a bit of personality to your writing.
  • Read. After writing your first draft, take the time to go over your work several times. This way, you will be able to spot the errors and fix them before sending it in along with your application.

personal statement fellowship in surgery

Who Can Write Your Personal Statement for Fellowship in Surgery

It is not surprising that you will be considering a bit of help with your personal statement, especially when applying for a fellowship. After all, there will be plenty of tough applicants out there who are vying for the same spot as you. If you want your statement to really capture the attention of your readers, you need to personalize it a bit without forgetting to keep your writing professional.

The right mixture of personality and professionalism can produce a one-of-a-kind statement that will not only engage your readers but give your application a boost as well. Fortunately, this is where our expertise lies so you can rest easy knowing that an expert is working on your residency personal statement edit and writing.

surgery fellowship personal statement sample

Unique Personal Statements

Your personal statement for hand surgery fellowship should be unique. Yes, there are templates and samples to be found online but what you need is a statement that will highlight your best assets that will set you apart from others. We can do this for you at a cheap price. All that you have to do is place your order with us, pay the fee, and let us do our work.

Choose our writing service and have your personal statement for hand surgery fellowship be written by our experts!

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