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Psychiatry Letter of Recommendation Sample

Basics of the Psychiatry Letter of Recommendation

Part of the application process for psychiatry will entail submitting letters of recommendation for residency. Requirements vary from program to program but most will want letters from both psychiatry rotations and non-psychiatry rotations. It is best to check with individual programs. In many cases when recommenders for applicants have busy schedules and a number of requests for letters of recommendation, they will allow students to provide an LoR for their signature.

letter of recommendation for residencyletters of recommendation for residencyresidency letter of recommendation

The basic requirements for a recommendation letter for residency in psychiatry are shown here:
  • Introduction: States the reason for writing the letter and identifies the applicant it is recommending.
  • Body: The body should consist of one or two paragraphs discussing the student’s qualifications for the psychiatry residency program. Residency LoR may include academic qualifications, clinical skills, personal qualities and anything else the recommender has observed in the applicant that would be relevant to their application to the residency program.
  • Conclusion: Summarizes the recommendation.

Including the necessary information in this format will allow you to write an adequate to a good letter of recommendation for residency. However, every residency letter of recommendation a program receives will be good. To carry much weight a LoR must be great. Reviewing outstanding psychiatry residency letter of recommendations sample or internal medicine letter of recommendation sample can give you some idea of what makes a great LoR.

psychiatry letter of recomend

William, LoR Writer

Review a Great Psychiatry Letter of Recommendation Sample

Every residency recommendation letter a psychiatry residency program receives is likely to be good so to stand out your letter must be better than good. Here are a few tips for writing an outstanding letter of recommendation:

  • The recommender should indicate the context in which they know the applicant and for how long they have known them. It is important that the reader gets the impression that the recommender knows the applicant well enough to understand them and make a valid recommendation.
  • Clearly ask the applicant about the purpose of this letter of recommendation. Psychiatry is a broad field, you have to write the letter about that particular purpose, for which applicant will use it. In this way, you will be able to write an effective letter, which will leave some impression on the selection committee.
  • When discussing an applicant’s qualifications provide specific examples of how the applicant has displayed a particular skill or ability that the recommender has witnessed. Examples that are particularly relevant to psychiatry are best.
  • Include statistics such as “in the top 10 percent” and make comparisons to other students rather than just describing the applicant as excellent as it is interpreted differently in various programs. In many programs excellent is used to describe students who may be in the bottom half of the class while in others it means in the top 25 percent.
  • If you don’t have some solid material to write, ask the applicant to provide you with his/her academic record or other achievements, which you can mention in the letter. Mentioning solid material will make the letter more useful for the applicant.
  • The writer should try to write in a balanced approach, excellent comments in every aspect might not attract the selection committee rather a balanced approach will make it more credible. No one is perfect, so highlight the positive aspects of the person’s personality, but try to keep your approach balanced.
  • Don’t include any wrong information in your letter of recommendation. Don’t exaggerate about the personality and abilities of the applicant, it should look like a true representation of her qualities, not a cooked one.
  • Letter of recommendation should not be boring and long. A letter with 3 – 4 small paragraphs will be enough to mention the personality and abilities of a person.  
  • In the conclusion where the recommender summarizes their recommendation, they should clearly state their strong endorsement of the applicant. A vague recommendation is more or less the same as the recommender has doubts about the applicant’s abilities.
  • Don’t forget to mention your contact details in the letter. Sometimes the selection committee has some further questions and they might ask you about that, so make sure you add your proper and valid contact information.
  • Use an outstanding psychiatry letter of recommendation sample as a guide. You shouldn’t copy but you can get ideas for the type of things that work.

If you are unsure where to get a sample, our service can provide an outstanding psychiatry LoR sample of the highest quality for you to review.

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Top Psychiatry Programs and Their Requirements

If you have passed your MD and now looking for residency in psychiatry, it is very important that you know the top places which offer programs in psychiatry and about their requirements. Following are some places where you can complete your psychiatry residency.

1. John Hopkins School of Medicine: Considered as the top school in the US when it comes to Psychiatry. They offer different residency program according to the experience of doctors. If you want to get a seat there, you need to fulfill following requirements:

  • Submit your application through ERAS;
  • Provide personal statement;
  • Provide transcripts and recent photograph;
  • Letter of recommendation from your previous dean;
  • Three letters of recommendations from other persons;
  • US medical licensing examination or USMLE;
  • Curriculum Vitae.

2.University of Pittsburgh: Department of Psychiatry of University of Pittsburgh is one of the best departments in the field. The department offers a wide range of psychiatry residency options in the different field of psychiatry, like General psychiatry residency, child and adolescent residency, forensic psychotic fellowship and many others. For general psychiatry residency, you need to fulfill following requirements:

  • Applicant must hold MD or DO degree;
  • Application should be sent through ERAS;
  • Personal statement is also a requirement, must include your areas of interest;
  • Transcript of medical school;
  • Three letters of recommendations.

3.Stanford University: One of the renowned universities of the world has one of the best departments of psychiatry and medicine. For general residency in psychiatry, you have to complete the following requirements:

  • ERAS application should be submitted;
  • Submit your personal statement;
  • University ask for four letters of recommendations;
  • Medical school transcripts;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Medical school performance evaluation;
  • Your license copy, USMLE;
  • A photograph.

psychiatry letter of recommendation sample writingSuperior Psychiatry Letters of Recommendation

Our service excels in writing letters of recommendation and personal statement for residency that make applicants stand out from the other candidates. The professional writers we hire all have advanced degrees as well as extensive experience with papers as a letter of recommendation or personal statement psychiatry residency requires. They know what program directors like to see and how to make the most favorable impression. Advantages of using our service include:

  • Completely original LoRs tailored to the individual. Every letter of recommendation for psychiatry is unique to the individual applicant;
  • Guarantee of complete customer satisfaction and on-time delivery with every letter we provide;
  • Inexpensive rates that are easy for a student to afford;
  • 24/7 ready to help support representatives.

Whether you need a psychiatry letter of recommendation sample or would like a letter written for you, contact us for an outstanding psychiatry LoR!