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Residency Personal Statement Sample

My interest in emergency medicine was piqued by a summation of my professional and personal experience in medicine, but my desire to forge ahead has been instilled by the impact every patient I have ever treated had on me. I could talk about my 3 months in Cambodia as a volunteer at a hospital with my aunt who is a missionary doctor, where I fell in love with the impact doctors have on our everyday life, or I could talk about how my desire to pursue a career in medicine was strengthened by the loss of my mom to glioblastoma, in four months. All these are motivating factors in my life, but the crust of my career and desire to pursue a career in medicine is the need to look beyond the problem of the patient and create an environment where the caregiver and the patient can address the cause.

Prior to rotations, I would not have guessed the impact of stress in the compliance of a patient to treatment and how their health can decline in many chronic conditions and can go on to develop comorbidities in the presence of stress. This emotional stress can present a patient as not being forthcoming, dismissive of their health conditions, the specific accounting of all the details surrounding the cause of their stress, or by general pressured speech. As a physician, I want to be able to make a patient comfortable enough to share their circumstances and concerns, and even if only for a moment, let them relax from the pressure that they are under and know that someone is listening and cares. In the ER setting, so many patients unburden themselves of their stories, which can be a bit burdening and daunting for the health-care worker. I want to be comfortable and make them comfortable in sharing that stress, maybe working on ways to lower stress, and talking about how we can stay healthy even when we are stressed. I strongly believe that with all this in check, treating the patient will be easy.

In my quest to grow, I have decided to apply to the emergency medicine residency. I have chosen internal medicine because of my strong inclination to the fast-paced atmosphere and the constant juggling of multiple critical patients. In atmospheres like this, I feel alive, calm, and confident at the same time. Coupled with this, emergency medicine gives me a platform to treat a variety of ages, socioeconomic and health literacy levels, and personalities within a short time frame. Also, I enjoy the swiftness in assessing patients while calming their worry and teaching them a bit about their health along the way, it is a fulfilling experience for me hence, my desire to forge ahead. With the help of the residency program, I am confident that I will be skilled in not only diagnosing and treating patients, I would also be equipped with the ability to help them through such times of their life as they are very critical and stressful.

My foremost aim if accepted into the residency program will be to successfully complete the program, amass the knowledge made available by the connoisseur guidance of the eminent faculty in the program, and fully utilize it in building a highly impactful career where I would treat a diverse array of patients in lower socioeconomic areas. Also, given my early exposure to international missions work, I would be involved in a lot of missions work after the program. I love helping people in need and I have had the opportunity to help patients in Cambodia, Dominica, Haiti, and the experience has been fascinating. From the diverse cultures to the variety of medical conditions that keep one on their toes and intrigued by medicine, I love them all, and I hope I am given an opportunity to expand my knowledge which will, in turn, increase my reach to the patients in the underserved and the underdeveloped areas in the world.

Conclusively, my thirst for knowledge expansion and desire to provide quality healthcare that transcends treating patients disease only has paved the way for my interests in the emergency residency program. I know that with the help of the institution, I will be brought a step closer to making my goals a reality. Thank you very much for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.