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Residency Personal Statements Tips

Writing an Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Personal Statement

For those who want to further their knowledge in interventional cardiology, applying for a fellowship is the next step to take. Among the requirements that you need to submit along with your application are your curriculum vitae, dean’s letter, transcript of records, letter of references, and of course, cardiology personal statement.

Whether is needed interventional cardiology fellowship personal statements or anesthesia personal statements, applicants tend to have a hard time developing their papers because they are not sure where or how to begin. So what should they do and which pre residency fellowship requirements should they meet?

The Personal Statement Structure

It is quite necessary to know the exact yet latest structure of the personal statement before starting to work on it. The structure can actually guide to write the PS properly. You need to do it for sure.

  1. Know your audience. It is important to think about your readers before you write. Just imagine everything in their perspective and begin to write.
  2. The body of your PS must have fact-based and unique information. This can actually help you out in composing the best Personal Statement.
  3. The ending part is last but not least for sure. Try to discuss the best reasons to choose you on the basis of skills and qualification.

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Programs to Choose for Interventional Cardiology

There are three main programs of Interventional Cardiology that you can consider for taking the learning of this program to the other level.

  1. University of Arizona: This program is quite popular among the international students regarding Interventional cardiology
  2. UNC School of Medicine: Another program that offers the modern courses and subjects regarding the cardiology study.
  3. The John Hopkins Medicine Training: Many students are keen to study in this institution for an ideal education and learning experience.

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5 Ways on How to Write Personal Statement for Interventional Cardiology Fellowship

  • Address the questions. When writing your personal statement, make it a point to answer all questions asked.
  • Be honest. Your personal statement should only contain accurate facts about you. Adding stories just to make you sound better than others won’t be good for you as schools can check everything.
  • Jot down ideas. If you are not sure what to write about, write down ideas that are relevant to the fellowship that you are interested in and from there choose 3 to 4 of the strongest ideas that you can incorporate into your personal statement.
  • Add personality. Since you are writing a personal statement, it is important that you add a dash of personality to it. Don’t forget to maintain professionalism even though you are adding some of your characteristics in your writing.
  • Write your skills. You need to convince your readers that you are the best candidate for the fellowship so write down what you are good at and explain how these skills are advantageous for the school.

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It is understandable that you feel nervous about your fellowship cardiology application especially when there are hundreds of applicants to compete with. You may think that you have met their requirements but you might be surprised how difficult it is to get noticed among the crowd of fellowship aspirants.

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