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Pros and Cons of Medical Observership

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What Is the Purpose of a Medical Observership?

A hospital observership or clinical observership allows you to shadow a medical professional as they go about their everyday work. You have no say in what is going on and cannot aid them just observe and learn what actually happens. A typical observership allows you to:

  • Observe what happens when dealing with patients
  • Observe communication within the hospital itself
  • Observe the delivery of healthcare
  • See how records are created and managed along with all of the other paperwork

There is a lot of application for observership samples you can go through to understand important parts of it, to save your time in this article we will provide you with all needed information.

Where Should You Do Your Medical Student Observership?

Many international medical graduates will need to attend a medical observership program so that they become familiar with the way things work in the US. This will help not only with your own understanding but also with gaining a residency place when you make your application. Places are however limited so you will have to take care with your application. The following are some of the programs that you can apply to:

  • University of Pittsburgh: this program will provide you the opportunity to see what goes on within their Critical Care Medicine department.
  • UCLA: the program will provide you with an opportunity to observe different departments at work for up to three months.
  • Boston Children’s Hospital: part of Harvard medical school you will be able to see just how pediatrics are practiced in the US.
  • Cleveland Clinic: from patient rounds to surgery this observership offers a full round of experience as well as full access to their library and other facilities.
  • Tufts University Medical School: the program offers a four-week rotation and up to two rotations for their program.
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center: for those students interested in neurological sciences the department offers an observership of up to one-month duration.
  • Massachusetts General Hospital: the program offers durations of up to one month across many different areas of their operations.

What Do You Need to Apply for a Medical Observership in US?

Observership programs are generally applied to directly with the different institutions that offer them. Places are however limited and you will often have to compete for a place if you really want to attend a specific program. The process will also vary from program to program so you will have to check carefully with the program to see just what they require. Most programs will expect you to apply at least three months before the date you wish to start. Typically a program will expect to receive all of the following:

  • Payment: each program will have a fee and this should be paid according to their needs.
  • CV: they will want a copy of your resume or CV to see where you are in your career.
  • Sponsorship letter: many will require you to provide a letter recommending you for the program
  • Copy of your visa to show your status in the US
  • Letter of intent: this is to detail your specific areas of interest and reasons for undertaking your observership

The Pros of a Medical Observership

There is a huge amount that you can learn from attending a medical observership especially if you are an international medical graduate (IMG) who does not have any experience of working within America or how the hospitals work there:

  • You will learn about patient care
  • You will gain new medical knowledge
  • You will learn about systems and procedures
  • You will learn professionalism
  • You will learn communication skills

Many also believe that by attending a physician observership or any other type of observership medical or otherwise you will gain an advantage when applying for a residency. This is in some ways true as you will have had the opportunity to already impress the decision makers before you apply for the residency. This is why so many graduates are now trying to gain places on medical observership programs.

The Cons of Applying to a Medical Observership Program

The main problems with applying are that:

  • There is no officially recognized qualification at the end of the program
  • They cost money to attend
  • You are unable to do anything, you may only observe

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