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How to Write a Dental Hygiene Personal Statement

It’s the application season yet again. Have you decided what career path you would like to head to? Have you already started gathering your requirements making sure they are crease and dog-tag free? Most importantly, have you started writing your personal statement?

Your dental hygiene personal statement is your introductory letter summing up your personality. It functions not unlike an advertising article written to convince the admitting panel that you have what it takes to enroll in their program. Here are a few points to consider when writing your dental hygiene personal statement.

Why Dentistry?

What sets dentistry apart from other programs that you decided to go for it? This is one thing you should never write your dental hygiene personal statement without. Are you particularly fascinated with the teeth that you decided to apply for a career in taking care of them? This is what your reader wants to see in your statement. Your interest in the dental field should be highlighted throughout the text. However, although it is important that you are able to point out how you prefer dentistry over other fields, you should avoid comparing it with other careers. Stay on the positive side and refrain from mentioning negative things about other professions.

What Motivated You to Be a Dentist?

While you can point out the positive aspects of being a dentist in your dental hygiene personal statement, it is important that you are able to explain the significance of making this choice in your life. Mention a specific time when you have had seemingly a realization that you want to become a dentist. Was it a case in the family? Was it a talk with a friend or a colleague? Whatever it is, state it convincingly enough so as to let your reader comprehend that you know now what you want to become. Get the message across that you have decided to take care of pearly white teeth and do not dream of any other career in the world but to become a dentist.

Project a Positive Attitude

Being a dentist is a career which deals not with machines or books or ledgers, but with people, and their teeth. The committee would want to feel that you have it in you to become a man of service. State how you envision yourself to be after years of training. How do you see your dental practice? Do you feel that putting a bright white smile on your patient’s faces will bring you fulfillment?

Stick to the Facts

Pointing out an experience or two which probably highlights your skills is alright. So long as you don’t exaggerate. Be honest. Do not overstretch your stories to make you look superior to the other candidates. Keep in mind that your readers are experts. They do not get fooled easily. Do not risk the authenticity of your dental hygiene personal statement. Keep it real.

Mention Some of Your Extracurricular Activities

The admitting parties would want an intellectual candidate to pass the initial screening and move on the interview process. However, they would want an applicant who seems to be holistically honed. Mention your favorite sport, or how you are good with playing a musical instrument. Favor would be given to someone who has other activities than reading and studying. Make no mistake. Being intelligent is invaluable to your application as well. But that is what your credentials and grades are for. With your dental hygienist personal statement, you can convince the panel that not only do you have the brains for the slot, but also the personality that the institution is looking for.

Applying for the program of your choice can get really stressful, and sometimes disappointing. Increase your chances to be accepted by writing a personal statement which says that you are the right applicant they are looking for!

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