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Benefit of Versant Nurse Residency Program for Professional Nurses

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The Versant residential program for new nursing graduates is a very competitive program because of the reputation it has for helping nurses to specialize in a particular area of nursing with hands-on experience. One of the essential parts of the application process is writing an outstanding residential admission essay for nursing.

We have been successful in helping many nurses write their admission essay for nursing residential programs all over the country. By checking nursing personal statement examples on our website you can ensure that when it comes to writing personal statements, our writers at residential admission essay services is undoubtedly the best site to contact for help.

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What to Include in a Nursing Residency Personal Statement

Your personal statement for nursing to accompany your application for the Versant RN program should be attention-getting from the very first sentence. You already have the qualifications of a registered nurse so you don’t have to talk about how much you love the nursing profession. You should specify the particular field of nursing in which you want to specialize in the Versant nurse program and relate your admission essay for this nurse program to your experiences in this field in the degree program. Tips to help you determine the right anecdote for your nursing admission essay are:

  • Reflect on experiences that affected you in some way.
  • List the experiences that relate to the specialty you want to pursue.
  • Choose the best experience and jot notes about it so that you can make it into a story.
  • Include your experience considering research.
  • Feature your plans for the nursing degree.
  • Explain why you are the best match for the program and vice versa.

Why Get Your Experience on a Versant Nurse Residency Program?

There are many new graduate nurse residency programs out there but which should you be applying to. A Versant nurse residency program is often described as the premier residency through which to gain your training. It offers usually an 18 week program that is highly structured to ensure that you are actually trained rather than simply being thrown in at the deep end and left to learn for yourself.

Many nursing training programs have a high turnover rate with many leaving in the first year without completing their training. As an article in Nurse dot com explains; typical programs have 35% to 40% turnover rates with many leaving. Versant programs boast a turnover rate of less than 5% indicating that those that are on their training are far more satisfied with the structured training that they receive.

Pros and Cons of Applying to a Versant Nurse Residency Program

If you are trying to decide whether you should go for a versant nurse residency program or a more traditional route for gaining experience then you need to understand just what is good and bad about this residency. There are some of the pros and cons that you should consider when applying for this program.

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Why Do Some Nurses Not Apply to These Programs?

With the versant residency programs having such excellent reputations why don’t every nursing graduate apply to them? Learn about Stanford nursing program and the following are just a few reasons why many do not apply to these new graduate nurse residency programs:

  • They are difficult to get onto so many do not want to spend a huge amount of time working on their applications.
  • Many are afraid of a tie in through an extended contract as it may prevent them from taking a good opportunity later on.
  • Many would rather leap straight in at the deep end and take a job with a potentially higher salary without this training.

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Get Assistance for Writing Your Residential Nursing Personal Statement

At residential admission essays, we provide many different kinds of assistance for new graduate nurse program applications. When you know the area you want to apply for we can research the various residential nurse programs 2017 for which you can submit an application. You only need to send us your resume and university transcript as well as the jot notes of the anecdote you want to include in your medical career goals essay.

You should never send the same essay for admission for all the nursing programs to which you apply. We can rewrite the same anecdote to make it different or if you wish you can give us several experiences so that we can male each application for a Versant program completely unique.

Apply to your selected versant nurse residency program successfully with the support of our professional and knowledgeable consultants.