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Thank you so much for helping me out together my personal statement and everything is well put and said. Thank you once again, and I certainly will ask you for help once soon soon.

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A Perfect Residency Personal Statement Sample

If you’ve started writing and lack inspiration, feel free to review the statement provided below.

It might help you get motivated when getting prepared for your pre residency fellowship.

“I use heroin for my pain when I have money for it,” was a statement I never thought I would hear from a patient. While his 6’2” frame was that of a battered man, it was not until he opened up that I learned his current condition resulted from a life cycling in and out of juvenile detention centers and prisons since the age of 12. It was this conversation that reinforced my perception of the role of a physician; to not only treat an ailment, but understand a patient as a whole to produce an effective outcome through the use of a patient centered treatment plan. I counseled him about quitting heroin and collaborated with the pharmacist for an alternative to manage his pain. By the time the office visit was over, family medicine was where I was needed, and most importantly, where I wanted pursue my residency. Later that week, I saw the same patient in the waiting room and went to greet him. The sheer astonishment in his face on his face when I remembered his name is something I will always remember.Family medicine is a multi-faceted specialty that focuses on social, psychological and health issues. It will also allow me to form trusting, long-lasting relationships with patients and their families; all of which are aspects that contribute to the best patient outcome. As a family medicine physician I will be able to work with a diverse patient population which I have thoroughly enjoyed in the past. My clinical rotations and volunteer work in underserved areas all over the United States, in Costa Rica and Dominica exposed me to a wide variety of cases from prenatal to geriatrics stages of life. Managing the health of these patients in different age groups was challenging and intellectually appealing to me. Being exposed to various communities with limited resources as well as different cultures has taught me to be resourceful and adaptable.

Furthermore, engaging in a number of organizations involved in improving health in underserved communities and being involved in educating communities about preventative measures and the physiology of their disease states really attracted me to a field of medicine dedicated to these principles. The work I did with clinics to aid and educate people on avoiding detrimental habits, along with surrounding myself with a constant exchange of knowledge in my clerkships developed my desire for teaching. To take my passion a step further, I am currently pursuing my medical education certification to refine my skills as an educator and convey information to my patients, colleagues and medical students in the most effective manner. Moreover, I am currently involved in an observership with an internist which has allowed me to continue strengthening my diagnostic skills, formulating patient-centered treatment plans and even learning diagnostic medical coding.

It is with absolute certainty that I can say I have found my perfect medical niche in family medicine; a field that will continue to challenge me to find solutions while I exercise my innate nature to care for other, form longitudinal relationships with patients and their families, diagnose and treat diverse illnesses and have an impact on the community by raising awareness of the importance of practicing preventative care. My studies and professional experiences have helped me develop tremendous mental and physical stamina, learn to be open-minded, to remain focused and work with patience and diligence. My ambition and drive have carried me through medical school, while my work ethic, adaptability and compassion ensure that I will thrive well beyond this residency. This family medicine residency program will allow me to share my skills and knowledge with others and further my understanding of diagnosing, managing and treating patients so that in the future I will have the tools necessary to positively impact community health. As a family medicine resident, I look forward to finding solutions and giving options to patients like the heroin user I worked with during my clerkship. I believe that your program will help me to achieve my goals and feel that my maturity, life experiences and perseverance make me an excellent addition to your team.